Monday, January 26, 2009

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was born on 10th of March 1958 at Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA. As a child Sharon was brought up in a large family in Northwest Pennsylvania. She had to struggle very hard, right from her days when she appeared for McDonald's to the successful Ford model in the late 1970s. She appeared in both print ads and TV commercials for Ford. In the year 1980 this sexy bombshell debuted as a beautiful woman seen from a moving train in Woody Allen's 'Stardust Memories'. (Non-speaking part). Almost in the whole of 1980s, Stone appeared in some forgettable roles in Wes Craven's 'Deadly Blessing' in 1981, 'Irreconcilable Differences' in 1984 where she appeared as a waitress turned to movie star, an archaeologist's daughter in 'King Solomon's Mines' in 1985 and its sequel, 'Allan Quatermain' and the 'Lost City of Gold' in 1987. Other early disappointments include Police Academy 4: 'Citizens on Patrol' in 1987, 'Action Jackson' in 1988 and the remake of 'Blood and Sand' in 1989. Sharon Stone has also struggled in TV. She began with a small role in 'Not Just Another Affair' in 1982, and the short-lived series 'Bay City Blues' in 1983 .Then she followed with some appearance in TV movies like 'Calendar Girl Murders' (ABC), 'The Vegas Strip War' in 1984 (NBC), 'Hollywood Starr' in 1985 (ABC), 'Mr. and Mrs. Ryan' in 1986 (ABC), 'Badlands 2005' (ABC) and 'Tears in the Rain' (Showtime) in 1988). Sharon's only TV success was in the epic miniseries 'War and Remembrance' (ABC) in 1988-89 where she played a supporting role of Robert Mitchum's daughter in law. Sharon got the real break when she was caste in Paul Verhoeven's action movie 'Total Recall' in the year 1990 where she played Arnold Schwarzenegger's kick-boxing, secret agent wife. 1992 was the year where she finally achieved the recognition and stardom she deserved by playing a crime writer opposite Michael Douglas in Verhoeven's popular thriller, 'Basic Instinct'. Sharon's crossed leg panty-less scene was awesome and generated huge waves of passion among her fans and she could not get out of this in her future. In the following year Stone appeared in another sex drama, 'Sliver', where she was seen in a sympathetic role. It did mediocre business in the States but did wonderfully overseas. After that she tried to escape her sex-bomb image, by playing the role of a wife in 'Intersection' in 1994, which got limited response. In 1994, she combined with Sylvester Stallone in the explosive action movie 'The Specialist' which got huge response. Her next movie 'The Quick and the Dead' in 1995 which she also produced proved less commercially. Sharon was terrific in 'Western duds'. Her next venture 'Sam Raimi' was a disaster. She returned with a bang in 'Casino' in the year of 1995 where her performance was highly applauded and greeted. This highly paid sexy bombshell then started her own production company, 'Chaos', and signed a deal with Miramax. The next film was a remake of the classic 'Diabolique'. Sharon Stone is an intelligent character who enjoys her hard won recognition and stardom. She is known to change her outfits between every interview and photo session. She now resides in Beverly Hills.

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