Saturday, August 12, 2017

Miss Universe Contestants Dress Up

Miss Universe Contestants Dress Up 2012 - With many Makeover, some exotic makeup, exciting hairstyles and entire wardrobe! These dress up with the ladies at times would be more than willing to with each and everyone of these contestants.

Hilary Duff Photobomb in Beverly Hills

Hilary Duff Photobomb - Here's Hilary Duff prancing around in Beverly Hills and dropping everyone's jaw thanks to her pair of jeans that are so damn tight they look like they're painted on. Suddenly a guy who deserves to be a legend: this dude not only hotobombed the paparazzi following Hilary Duff, but he also got to put his arm around one of Hollywood's finest Mom. His only mistake? He forgot to give her a parting squeeze afterwards. Enjoy.

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