Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Amazing Floating Forest in Sydney (8 pics)

Amazing Floating Forest in Sydney — Homebush Bay in Sydney, Australia is home to the remnants of a ship-breaking yard that operated during the mid 20th-century. Large watercraft that outlived their usefulness were towed to Homebush Bay and dismantled to salvage any components that could be reused or sold for scrap.
One such ship was the SS Ayrfield, a 1,140-tonne behemoth built in 1911 as a steam collier that was later used during WWII as a transport ship. In 1972 it was brought to Homebush Bay to be dismantled, but fate would decide differently. Operations at the ship-breaking yard subsequently ceased and parts of several large vessels including the Ayrfield were left behind, the largest objects in an area now infamous for decades of chemical dumping and pollution. But only this century-old transport ship would be transformed by time into a floating forest, a peculiar home for trees and other vegetation that have since sprouted over the last few decades.

Unbelievable Colorful Rock Formations in China (11 pics)

Unbelievable Colorful Rock Formations in China — We are living in times when Photoshop is capable of practically anything, but this time it has nothing to do with this article! Zhangye Danxia Landform in China is just one of those places that are hard to believe really exist. Located in Gansu province, a naturally formed landscape astonishes its visitors with the burst of colors – its streaks of yellow, orange and red to emerald, green and blue make it hard to believe it's all real. The vast area of intensely colored valleys, waterfalls and natural pillars looks surreal in the pictures, reminding more of a impressionistic painting than a photograph.

Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses of 2013

10. Julia Roberts - $11 Million

Roberts isn't the hit maker she used to be. Instead the actress is picking and choosing the films she wants to make like the upcoming August: Osage County, which co-stars Meryl Streep. Roberts also gets paid for her endorsement work with Lancome.

Russian Imperial Architecture by Photographer Frank Herfort's View (30 pics)

01. Grand Park Towers, Moscow
Russian Imperial Architecture by Photographer Frank Herfort's View — The famous photographer based in Berlin, Germany Frank Herfort made a series of photography images dedicated to the post-Soviet architecture. He traveled all over Russia for one reason to find the architecture of the post-Soviet era. These massive colourful structures, often decked out in flashy materials and questionable color schemes, have cropped up in the region's growing cities. The buildings collection of skyscrapers, office towers, and residential high rises seem to adhere to the blanket promise of capitalist and enterprising Russia. After five years' of Frank's work, 7,000 miles traveled, 20 cities visited, and 150 buildings photographed, He is ready to release the resulting book, Imperial Pomp Post-Soviet Highrise in April 2013.
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