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SaiL Amsterdam — Parade of ships

SAIL Amsterdam is a large maritime event held every five years in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Tall ships from all over the world visit the city to moor in its Eastern harbour, and people can then visit the ships for four days (free of charge). The event was organised for the first time in 1975 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Amsterdam, under the name 'Sail Amsterdam 700'. At that time, interest in tall ships, which had sunk to a low since the 1930s when the last commercial tall ships had been built, was starting to rise[citation needed]. The success of Sail Amsterdam 700 led to the establishment of the Stichting Sail Amsterdam (SSA, Foundation Sail Amsterdam). More images after the break...

Sail is one of the largest maritime manifestations in the world, and the largest event of any kind in the Netherlands. Tens of tall ships and hundreds of other historical ships are involved. Numerous other ships and boats are present besides the participating ships, amounting to 8000 boats in the 2000 edition.
Lesser events take place during the festival, involving small sailboats, sailor choirs or re-enactments of naval battles. The Sail In or Parade of Sail on the first day attracts many other small ships, including creations like a sailing organ (with trumpet accompaniment) or a train converted to a ship. On the next to last day there is a naval pageant and on the last day the 'Sail Out'. The Next Sail Amsterdam will be held from 20 August to 24 August 2015.

South side — Sakshi

Mumbai model Sakshi is playing Appalrraju's heroine. Right now the shooting of 'Katha-Screenplay-Darsakatvam: Appalrraju' is progressing at Padmalaya Studios in Hyderabad. Starring Sunil and Swathi in leading roles, this RGV's film has cinematography by Sudhakar Reddy Yekkanti and music by Koti. More images after the break...

Top 10 Places To Visit In Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the beautiful country in all over the world, this country is full of culture, natural beauty and there are various places which are full of fun and entertainment. In my opinion no trip will be completed without visiting these places. Here in this article I arrange top ten amazing places to visit in Ukraine, these places are as under, I hope you will also like it.

01. Kamyanets-Podilskyy and Hotyn Fortresses
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Hotyn Fortresses is one of the best place in Ukraine and in my opinion without visit this beautiful place the tour of Ukraine will not completed. This amazing place is one of the top wonder of Ukraine; this was famous in Europe the hub of wars. More 9 after the break...

02. St. Sophia Cathedral
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St. Sophia Cathedral is also one of the best place to visit in Ukraine. This is historical place and it is under the protection of UNESCO. Large number of people comes here to see its beauty.

03. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
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Kiev Pechersk Lavra is also included in the list of best place Ukraine and large number of people comes here to see the beauty of this amazing place. This is popular for its compound and it is consist of 2 parts above is religious and subversive caves.

04. Hoverla Mountain
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Hoverla Mountain is also one of the beautiful place of Ukraine and this mountain is in top position because of its height in Ukraine. This mountain is full adventure for the tourist, and without visiting this attractive place your trip will not completed.

05. Olesko Castle
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No doubt Olesko Castle is one of the amazing place to visit in Ukraine and cause of its beauty is that there is a castle on the hill which is very attractive and this building is built with stone, so if you come in Ukraine must visit this beautiful place.

06. Palanok Castle in Mukacheveo
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Palanok castle is also one of the beautiful place to visit in Ukraine and it is one of the historical place which was laid at least 14th century. This castle is located in Mukacheveo.

07. Pochaev Lavra
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Pochaiv Lavra is place which is the great achievement of architecture and one of the best place to visit in Ukraine, this is holy place and a large number of people comes here to the this attractive place.

08. Esembly Of Rynok Square in Lviv
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Esembly of Rynok Square in Lviv is also one of the beautiful place in Ukraine it was built in 14th century and included in the list of historical place. Most of the visitor comes here every year to see this amazing place.

09. Zhovkva town and Receive Monastery
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Zhokva town and Kreciv Monastery is also one of the best place to visit in Ukraine and this is historical place which was built in 1724. This wooden church is one of the amazing building in Ukraine. In my opinion without visiting this place you trip will not completed.

10. Shechenkivskyy Park
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Shevchenkivskyy Park is also one of the best place in Ukraine, there are various schools and churches which was built in 18th century, this is located in lviv region. So must see this amazing place once a life

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