Monday, January 26, 2009

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Annette Bullock was born on 26th July 1964 in Arlington, Virginia. She was brought up in Nuremberg as her mother was a singer in the German opera. There she sometimes protrayed small roles of a gypsy kid in the background. When Sandra was about 10 years old she and her family moved back to Virginia. She became a graduate in 1982 from Washington Lee High School. While remaining in school she was voted for the title `The girl most likely to brighten up your day`. After finishing her high school education, she majored in Drama, from the East Carolina University at North Carolina. Later on she had to move to New York, to fulfill her desire of acting. She was a mentally tough, hard working lady. Initially after her move to new York, she worked as a waitress and simultaneously went to auditions so as to establish her acting career. She then co starred with Nana Visitor in the TV version of `Working Girl`, but was totally unsatisfied with it. She was happy after it got cancelled. Then she made her move to Los Angeles and ther she acquired a supporting role in the TV movie, `The Preppie Murder` with William Baldwin. After appearing in several smaller budget productions like `Fire in the Amazon`, `Who Do I Gotta Kill` the luck began to change for her. She got her biggest oppurtunity till then when she was casted as Sylvester Stallone`s partner in the action thriller `Demolition Man` replacing Lori Petty. She was highly praised for her performance in the thriller. This performance helped Sandra acquire roles in `Speed`, Jan de Bont`s directorial debut film, opposite Keanu Reaves and Dennis Hopper. `Speed` went onto break records at the box office collecting over over 120 million dollars. Her performance was outstanding in this film and she achieved huge stardom after this. Every news channel and news paper were talking about her performance. She could not feel this passion as she was at that time in Europe, promoting this film. Sandra became a very well known face like all other big stars. Sandra then appeared in, `While You Were Sleeping`. It collected about 85 million dollars as viewers liked her funny image. Later on she went on to feature in `The Net` and `Two If By Sea` but they totally disappointed everyone. But she can not go on disappointing viewers for a long time because she has got huge talent

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