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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a 'Model Citizen'

January 30 2009 21:45 PST

She's one of the biggest actresses in the country and is often referred to as 'the most beautiful woman in the world,' so it's pretty easy to forget that Aishwarya came from humble beginnings before her meteoric rise to the top. The gorgeous gal was born in Mangalore before her family moved to Mumbai. And she's not just a pretty face, Aishwarya was actually a pretty good student and she had planned on a career as an architect! Thank goodness things didn't turn out as she planned!

While in college, the Southern beauty began modeling on the side. In 1994 she was runner-up at the Miss India pageant, to Sushmita Sen and went on to win the Miss World title that made her famous in the same year. Here's a little known fact. She also won the 'Miss Photogenic' title at the pageant – and we can see why! Aishwarya went on to London where she upheld her title for a year and became a professional model before becoming the actress that we all know today.

Aishwarya made her film debut in a Tamil movie 'Iruvar' in 1997 and then her Bollywood debut in 'Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya' in the same year opposite Bobby Deol. Aishwarya has certainly come a long way from those days, with films like, 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam,' 'Devdaas,' and 'Dhoom 2.' Not to mention her high profile relationships with Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi, finally leading to her marriage to Abhishek Bachchan.

Throughout the years she has modeled for a number of high profile campaigns such as, Swiss luxury watch brand Longiness, Nakshatra diamonds, and probably most notably international cosmetics brand L'Oreal! With L'Oreal, Aishwarya's ads appear alongside Hollywood stars such as, Eva Longoria, Eva Medes, and Heather Locklear.
No matter what your opinion may be, there's no denying Aishwarya has achieved a highly successful career since her modeling days, and it's still continuing

The Story:
The story is about a man who is seeking revenge for the death of a loved one. The problem is that he forgets everything after fifteen minutes and must retrain his mind with Polaroids he has taken of people and places. He has killed several people and is in search of the one who is responsible for the death of his beloved. He quickly finds out who this killer is and goes on a crazed, violent rampage to get justice.
Aamir Khan as Sanjay Singhania - The transformation of the character is really amazing. The difference between who Sanjay Singhania was and what he's become is like going from a normal, well-adjusted happy human being to an angry, revenge seeking, animal killing machine, with tinges of remorse.
Asin Thottumkal as Kalpana - A pretty, funny and generous woman who is always winning people over with her charm.
Jiah Khan as Sunita - She's slightly overcurious and the cause of many problems, but nice and well-meaning.
Pradeep Rawat as Ghajini - An angry, but powerful man who doesn't seem to show concern for who he's killed.
Aamir Khan as Sanjay Singhania
Asin Thottkumkal as Kalpana
Jiah Khan as Sunita
Pradeep Rawat as Ghajini
Distributor: Studio 18, Adlabs
Production House: Studio 18, Adlabs
Story & Screenplay: A. R. Murugadoss
Choreography: Gita Kapoor
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Music Director: A. R. Murugadoss
What Works:
The story within the story is a nice break. The viewer sees Sanjay as a killer and then they see the very familiar Bollywood fall in love sequence. The entire movie is pretty good overall, because it offers a variety that is sometimes lacking in the boy meets girl and falls in love story that is usually offered in many Hindi films.
What Doesn't Work:
For those who have seen the American film 'Memento', to say that it is nothing like it is a stretch. A.R. Murugadoss says he did not see 'Memento' before he wrote his screenplay. Whatever the case may be, there are some stark similarities. Other than that, the cinematography in the song sequences is sometimes better than the rest of the film.
The Soundtrack:
The film's soundtrack leaves something to be desired oftentimes. There are a few songs which are not that great and then a couple which are really worth listening to and nice to hear.
Slated Or Rated?
Overall, this is a good film. It has its moments where it seems like there is something lacking as far as filming or special effects, but as a whole piece it's a good movie, although sad and very violent

Kareena Kapoor
Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor is about to add another notch to her belt this February as she'll be presented an award by the one and only Erin Brockovich (no not Julia Roberts who played her in the film, 'Erin Brockovich' but the real person!). As odd as it may sound Kareena Kapoor will be presented with an award for her contribution to art and cinema. Now why they're going to have world renowned environmental activist Erin Brockovich do the honors is beyond us! Exciting as it may be, seems a little out of place doesn't it?
Erin Brockovich is reportedly rushing to Mumbai to present Kareena the award on time. Wow, who knew Erin even knew about Bollywood? But then again, the whole world is going Desi! Kareena Kapoor must be flying high after this news. Plus she's busy filming for her dream role in '3 Idiots' opposite Amir Khan. So maybe it's time for Kareena Kapoor to get noticed for her film roles, acting skills and awards rather than her love life with beau Saif Ali Khan! It seems like that's all anyone could talk about last year, but this year is a different story. It's been rumored that Kareena Kapoor is trying to keep her private life out of the media as she saw how much it hurt her career in 2008. Hmm... sounds like a smart choice to us!
So what do you think about Kareena Kapoor receiving an award for her contribution to art and cinema? And what are your thoughts on Erin Brockovich presenting Kareena the award? Drop us a comment with your feelings on the matter!

Harman Baweja
Looks like another Bollywood sports movie is on its way, so will it be as good as the other ones that has been out? Bollywood has had some awesome sports flicks which means that 'Victory' has a lot to live up to. Can it match the success of , 'Goal' or 'Chak De'? It will be difficult, but we will have to watch and see what happens. Harman Baweja's success is riding on the result of this film. With his major flop, 'Love Story 2050', Harman Baweja has a lot to prove! So what will the film, 'Victory' do for him? Well Harman Baweja plays a cricketer in the movie and he has a nice physique that goes well with his role as a cricketer. However, will his performance make the viewer believe that he is far from an amateur? We can't say that he has had enough opportunities to prove his skills so it seems like this can be the film where he will do it.
By now just about everyone has caught a glimpse of the trailer for 'Victory'. From the trailer it looks interesting. Harman will act alongside some of the major superstars of cricketers. However we can't say the same for the leading lady. Amrita Rao will be his love interest in the film and since we can't include her in the A-list she too will have to prove her skills. Besides, the cast the story is really going to determine the success of this film. So what do you guys think? Will 'Victory' be a great film that will enhance Harman Baweja's career ? Do you think his co-star, Amrita Rao will be able to create the same chemistry that he had with Priyanka Chopra in the film, 'Love Story 2050? They are promoting the movie heatedly so hopefully their hard work will pay off! Check out the exclusive messages that Harman Baweja and Amrita Rao made for Desi Hits! readers below. Be sure to share your thoughts on the film

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RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUESEmraan is skeptical about supernatural powers and beliefs

Friday Jan 16 9:35 AM

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
Emraan Hashmi would be soon seen in RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES and though in the film he is shown as a believer in ghosts, spirits and supernatural powers, in real life he is skeptical about supernatural powers and beliefs. He reveals all this and more as he chats up with the VJ of B4U.
What's more, the golden Bhatt Boy, keeping in mood with the current role of a painter in the upcoming flick, also goes on to paint the VJ. He also shares his enthusiasm and passion about films and gives some never heard before insights.

An achiever with JANNAT as a superhit behind him, Emraan Hashmi had incidentally assisted Vikram Bhatt on the first in the series of RAAZ. He endorses and claims that this film about supernatural powers will be a leap for the horror genre and create a new dimension in the industry.

Says Emraan, "We completely distanced ourselves away from the original since we wanted to make the film in a different approach altogether. When you will see the film, you would realize that it is an entirely different take on horror; something that no one has ever seen in Bollywood. We didn't even begin with any reference point to the earlier RAAZ and instead detached ourselves completely."

His understanding of the genre and consequent research that he carried out with Mohit Suri (the director of the film) on the subject and the music displays his prowess and observation about filmmaking. Moreover, he is also genuinely appreciative about Kangana and Adhyayan Suman, his co-stars, hence reflecting his status as a strong and secure human being in an industry where egos rules

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Body Of Lies
Director: Ridley Scott
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Russel Crowe, Mark Strong and Golshifteh Farahani
You'd expect a lot from a film by Ridley Scott, the man who directed such masterpieces as Blade Runner, Alien and The Gladiator. The addition of talents like Leo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe simply heightens your expectations.
Leo plays Roger Ferris, a CIA operative who's smack-dab in the thick of the terrorist heartland in the Middle East and Russel is his laidback, overweight, over bearing boss who sits on his fat ass in his white-picket-fence home in America, doling out orders and meddling in Roger's operations. In a bid to foil the next terrorist attack and capture a radical extremist group, Roger must devise a plan, execute it and figure out who's lying and who's telling the truth. Easier said than done with his mendacious boss around.
Bombs explode, bone fragments of his buddies get lodged in Leo's face, he gets bitten by rabid dogs and roughed up by a variety of different goons but he still finds time to visit a clinic and fall for a local nurse. Russell Crowe's character of Ed Hoffman is utterly expendable to the entire plot, Leo's plans are amateurish and the entire film just seems vapid and run of the mill. The adrenalin rush never quite picks up pace swerving from the plotline occasionally and the narrative is just plain boring.
Brit actor Mark Strong who plays Jordanian Intelligence Head Hani Salaam is the only original thing about this film. His good looks and wonderful performance as the anti-hero brings something fresh to this otherwise banal film that will get lost in the flood of terrorist films infiltrating our theaters.
Quantum of Solace

Director: Marc Forster
Cast: Daniel Craig, Mathieu Amalric, Olga Kurylenko and Judi Dench
The expectations for a Bond movie are always high right from the opening credits of the film, which are usually a treat to watch. Quantum of Solace kicks off with some disappointing opening credits and a title soundtrack that jars on the ears. Not a good sign.
Taking off from where Casino Royale left off, Quantum's opening scene accelerates the pace early with a car chase through picturesque Italy. Not as adrenalin packed as the Parkour action of Casino and quite seen-that-before in nature it sets the tone for the rest of the film, which is a series of action-packed, stunt-defying, dare devil antics that are, unfortunately, the only thing good about this film.
Bond (Daniel Craig) is out to avenge the death of his girlfriend Vesper from Casino Royale and jumps, somersaults and careens through various parts of the globe but in the process you lose track of where he is and what exactly he's chasing. In the background is the shadow of an ominous and clandestine organisation of evil called Quantum that even MI6 is unaware of. Mr Greene (Mathieu Amalric) is the criminal mind pitted against Bond but the puny and pale Mathieu Amalric is a pesky fly at best and fails to fascinate or titillate your dark side like other Bond villains. There aren't any gadgets or unwanted clichés or corny lines ("The name is Bond. James Bond" and the like), which one can be thankful for but still one misses them. That's what Bond was about.
Daniel is stony faced and in some scenes makes Superman look like a wimp. But that callous demeanour, far from inspiring awe in you, makes you long for a witty one-liner or some semblance of humanity that so many previous Bond actors have brought to the role.
With a weak plot and absolutely no substance or mission per se, Quantum seems more like an in-between film, a stop-gap that will bridge Casino Royale and a third film that will hopefully resolve the Quantum conundrum that this film glosses over providing absolutely no resolution to this vacuous venture

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi
Director: Kaushik Ghatak
Cast: Sonu Sood, Isha Koppikar
Tough to believe that the film is Tapasya (Starring Rakhee and Parikshit Sahani) remade for today's audience and is also about a young woman who chooses to stay chaste and unmarried until her siblings are grown up and 'settled' although she has an ardent lover. Even more laughable to see the loverboy asking for her permission to 'continue to long for her'. But that alas is the story.
Here, both are musicians, falling in love when they enter a music contest (filmed to look like talent contest shown in Milan and Bawarchi rather than Indian Idol or Sa Re Ga Ma Pa), and over what feels like a hundred years the two continue to sacrifice and look longingly at each other while their siblings and friends grow up, get married, and have babies. Miraculously, the two never grow older, and sport not a single wrinkle.
But we give them credit: Sonu Sood tries to cover up his lame part by pretending he's Amitabh Bachchan (note his hair, the way he stands, walks, even talks to the mirror!), and Isha Koppikar makes us forget her painfully long chaste role by wearing interesting clothes. Thank goodness, the friends though interesting characters, are unexplored or the movie would've been longer! Ravindra Jain's ghastly repetitive songs with forgettable lyrics numb your senses. Eesha's siblings are as annoying as children can get in a movie: the brother breaks windows, the sister is teary and clingy.
Suddenly you find respect for TV soaps. They offer drivel like this over 52 weeks, not three hours

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Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt was born on 19th September 1974 at Skelleftehamn, Sweden. From her early days she was interested in modelling. She is nearly six feet tall with a good figure and a great smile. Victoria Silvstedt became the first runner-up when she appeared for the Miss Sweden competetion in 1993. She got focus from there but she really made it big after appearing in Playboy magazine`s December 1996 issue. From that time she became the target of many designers. Later on in 1997 she became the `1997 Playboy playmate` of the year. Victoria started her career as a professional model but she wanted to achieve more by getting into films. Then she made numerous Playboy videos and was casted in 2 movies. Victoria`s career has been on high ever since she appeared in the big stage. She got involved in different television shows such as `Melrose Place` and `MTV`s The Real World`. In the film `Baseketball` she made a guest appearance. At this point of life she resides in the United States where she goes on with her modeling career. Her most recent presentation is `Hello Hey` her first album. Although it didn`t make much impact in United States but it has attracted the whole of Europe. She also has a great passion for horseriding and downhill skiing. This 5 feet 9 inches blonde has exploded already and there is still more gas left in her.

Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau was born on 17th of November 1966 at Paris, France.From her childhood she was obsessed with acting. At the tender age of 14 she auditioned for various roles but she became famous for her role in the movie `La Boum` in the year 1981. This success led her to do `La Boum 2` in 1982 and also received a Cesar award from the French Academy of Cinema. Then in the year 1984 she was cast in Gaumont Pictures’ `Joyeuses Paques` and `Fort Saganne` and after that in `Police` in 1985. She also met Andrzej Zulawski (director and her future husband) who was influential in casting her in `L’Amour Braque` the same year and `Mes Nuits Sont Plus Belles Que Vos Jours` in 1989 and `La Note Bleue` in 1991. She also starred in `Descente Aux Enfers` in 1986, `Chouans` and `L’Etudiante` in 1988), `Pacific Palisades` in 1990 and `Pour Sacha` in 1991. She also achieved an `International Film Festival` award in the year 1988 for `Chouans`. With `Euridyce` she made her debut on stage and captured a `Moliere award` for the `Most Promising Newcomer`. This followed, with her presence in various French films `FanFan` in 1993, `La Fille de d’Artangnan` in 1994 and `Par-Dela Les Nuages` in 1995. That moment of life she was hugely popular in France and in Asia but she achieved her American stardom after 15 years of her starting career with her appearance in the Hollywood blockbuster `Braveheart`. Then she followed it with `Marquise`, `Anna Karenina` in 1997, `Firelight` in 1998, `Lost and Found`, William Shakespeare’s `A Midsummer Night’s Dream` and `The World Is Not Enough` in 1999. Her appearance in these hugely popular James Bond flick resulted in two Brazil Movie award nominations followed by a Blockbuster nomination. Then `Fidelite` and `Belphegor` got into the theaters. She was not satisfied with her acting career only. She went on to do recording with `Pierre et le Loup` and `Histoire de Babar` in 1994. She was also the author and director of the nine minute long Cannes hit film `L’Aube a l’Envers` and in the year of 1997 became the publisher of the semi-autobiographical novel `Menteuse`. Almost everyone is enthusiastic about the actor’s intelligence, charm, elegance and the critics hope that the best of Sophie Marceau is yet to come

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was born on 10th of March 1958 at Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA. As a child Sharon was brought up in a large family in Northwest Pennsylvania. She had to struggle very hard, right from her days when she appeared for McDonald's to the successful Ford model in the late 1970s. She appeared in both print ads and TV commercials for Ford. In the year 1980 this sexy bombshell debuted as a beautiful woman seen from a moving train in Woody Allen's 'Stardust Memories'. (Non-speaking part). Almost in the whole of 1980s, Stone appeared in some forgettable roles in Wes Craven's 'Deadly Blessing' in 1981, 'Irreconcilable Differences' in 1984 where she appeared as a waitress turned to movie star, an archaeologist's daughter in 'King Solomon's Mines' in 1985 and its sequel, 'Allan Quatermain' and the 'Lost City of Gold' in 1987. Other early disappointments include Police Academy 4: 'Citizens on Patrol' in 1987, 'Action Jackson' in 1988 and the remake of 'Blood and Sand' in 1989. Sharon Stone has also struggled in TV. She began with a small role in 'Not Just Another Affair' in 1982, and the short-lived series 'Bay City Blues' in 1983 .Then she followed with some appearance in TV movies like 'Calendar Girl Murders' (ABC), 'The Vegas Strip War' in 1984 (NBC), 'Hollywood Starr' in 1985 (ABC), 'Mr. and Mrs. Ryan' in 1986 (ABC), 'Badlands 2005' (ABC) and 'Tears in the Rain' (Showtime) in 1988). Sharon's only TV success was in the epic miniseries 'War and Remembrance' (ABC) in 1988-89 where she played a supporting role of Robert Mitchum's daughter in law. Sharon got the real break when she was caste in Paul Verhoeven's action movie 'Total Recall' in the year 1990 where she played Arnold Schwarzenegger's kick-boxing, secret agent wife. 1992 was the year where she finally achieved the recognition and stardom she deserved by playing a crime writer opposite Michael Douglas in Verhoeven's popular thriller, 'Basic Instinct'. Sharon's crossed leg panty-less scene was awesome and generated huge waves of passion among her fans and she could not get out of this in her future. In the following year Stone appeared in another sex drama, 'Sliver', where she was seen in a sympathetic role. It did mediocre business in the States but did wonderfully overseas. After that she tried to escape her sex-bomb image, by playing the role of a wife in 'Intersection' in 1994, which got limited response. In 1994, she combined with Sylvester Stallone in the explosive action movie 'The Specialist' which got huge response. Her next movie 'The Quick and the Dead' in 1995 which she also produced proved less commercially. Sharon was terrific in 'Western duds'. Her next venture 'Sam Raimi' was a disaster. She returned with a bang in 'Casino' in the year of 1995 where her performance was highly applauded and greeted. This highly paid sexy bombshell then started her own production company, 'Chaos', and signed a deal with Miramax. The next film was a remake of the classic 'Diabolique'. Sharon Stone is an intelligent character who enjoys her hard won recognition and stardom. She is known to change her outfits between every interview and photo session. She now resides in Beverly Hills.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Annette Bullock was born on 26th July 1964 in Arlington, Virginia. She was brought up in Nuremberg as her mother was a singer in the German opera. There she sometimes protrayed small roles of a gypsy kid in the background. When Sandra was about 10 years old she and her family moved back to Virginia. She became a graduate in 1982 from Washington Lee High School. While remaining in school she was voted for the title `The girl most likely to brighten up your day`. After finishing her high school education, she majored in Drama, from the East Carolina University at North Carolina. Later on she had to move to New York, to fulfill her desire of acting. She was a mentally tough, hard working lady. Initially after her move to new York, she worked as a waitress and simultaneously went to auditions so as to establish her acting career. She then co starred with Nana Visitor in the TV version of `Working Girl`, but was totally unsatisfied with it. She was happy after it got cancelled. Then she made her move to Los Angeles and ther she acquired a supporting role in the TV movie, `The Preppie Murder` with William Baldwin. After appearing in several smaller budget productions like `Fire in the Amazon`, `Who Do I Gotta Kill` the luck began to change for her. She got her biggest oppurtunity till then when she was casted as Sylvester Stallone`s partner in the action thriller `Demolition Man` replacing Lori Petty. She was highly praised for her performance in the thriller. This performance helped Sandra acquire roles in `Speed`, Jan de Bont`s directorial debut film, opposite Keanu Reaves and Dennis Hopper. `Speed` went onto break records at the box office collecting over over 120 million dollars. Her performance was outstanding in this film and she achieved huge stardom after this. Every news channel and news paper were talking about her performance. She could not feel this passion as she was at that time in Europe, promoting this film. Sandra became a very well known face like all other big stars. Sandra then appeared in, `While You Were Sleeping`. It collected about 85 million dollars as viewers liked her funny image. Later on she went on to feature in `The Net` and `Two If By Sea` but they totally disappointed everyone. But she can not go on disappointing viewers for a long time because she has got huge talent


Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born on 9th of February 1977 at Barranquilla, Colombia to the couple of a Colombian mother and a Lebanese father.Shakira was hugely influenced by her father who had an Arabic background. Her father was a writer. From her childhood everyone could found out the talent and interest she had towards music. When she was 10 years old she won the local and national talent contests. At the age of only 13, she went on to make a huge contract with Sony in Colombia. As a result of this her debut album `Magia` was released which contained songs written by her between the ages of 8 and 13. When `Magia` got released, Shakira captured the hearts of all Colombia and later she was chosen to represent Columbia at the OTI Fesival in Spain. But she was not allowed to participate because at that time she was under 16 years. Therefore Shakira recorded her second album `Peligro`. After that she took a break from her music and concentrated on her studies. She passed her graduation from high school when she was 15 years old. After her return to music she recorded `Pies Descalzos` which became a great hit and sold almost four million copies worldwide. Within a few months of this Shakira was an international figure. She toured for 2 years just playing her songs to audiences, worldwide. `Pies Descalzos` was so liked by all that it sold more than 900,000 copies only in Brazil alone. Then Shakira recorded remixes for her Brazilian fans in Portuguese. She started her very own style of music which is acombination of pop and rock. Her style of music resulted in `Donde Estan los Ladrones` which was a collection of several hits. Shakira then appeared on the cover of Time Magazine with other dozens of female Latin singers in an article named `Era of the Rockera`. Shakira was also made the goodwill ambassador by the Colombian government. That year in May, she was declared as the Latin Female Artist of the Year at the World Music Awards in Monaco. Her next ambition is to capture the English market. Shakira is the most outstanding singer/ songwriter in the whole of Latin America and she has already captured the hearts and imagination of her audiences

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Jiminez was born on September 2, 1966 at Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico to the couple of Sami Hayek Dominguez (a Lebanese businessman) and Mexican Diana Hayek (an opera singer and talent scout). She has got a younger brother Sami Hayek. She was educated from the Catholic school in Texas, National University of Mexico and Stella Adler Conservatory, Los Angeles, California. She was once dropped out from the National University. Salma Hayek began her acting career at a local theatre, and then went on to bewitch a young audience as the leading female in 'Aladina y la Lampara Maravillosa' (that means Aladdin and His Marvellous Lamp) after facing several protests from her parents. Her parents were totally against her acting. She then went on to do some commercial work. After that she joined the cast of 'Nuevo Amanecer' (that means New Dawn) in the year 1988 which was a popular daytime TV serial. It took only her second soap opera role, in 'Teresa' and the 5'7' sensational young beauty got instant popularity and fame in Mexico. She received the 'Premio TV y Novela' (which is equivalent to Emmy) and 'Heraldo' awards for the Best Actress and Best Newcomer. She then went on with her theatre work, with the 1990's 'Las Visitas Tienen Suerio', but after three years she left for Hollywood. Salma spent almost the whole of the year 1991 in learning new trends and by taking English, acting and driving lessons. Then in the following two years the newcomer appeared on the American television shows like 'Nurses', 'Dream On', and 'The Sinbad Show'. She also featured in the movie, 'Mi Vida Loca' (which means My Crazy Life) in 1993. That role possibly led her in 'Roadracers' in 1994 (TV) and 'Midaq Alley' in 1995. Her real and important breakthrough came in a lead role in the mainstream feature film 'Desperado'. With 'Four Rooms' in 1995, 'Fair Game' in 1995, 'From Dusk Till Dawn' in 1996, 'El Jorabadode Notre Dame' (voice) and 'Fled' in 1996 she continued to elongate her movie career. In the year 1996 Hayek was named as one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. She also received an Ariel (which is Mexican Academy Award) nomination for her role in that year. She also appeared in 'The Hunchback' (TV), 'Fools Rush In' in 1997, 'Follow Me Home' in 1997, 'Quien Diablos Es Juliette?' in 1997, and 'Sistole Diastole' in 1997. Even she was named in Mr. Blackwell’s 1997 list of the Ten Most Stylish Women. In the year 1998, she was at her peak and her recognition was strengthened with movies like 'The Faculty', 'Breaking Up', '54', and 'The Velocity of Gary'. In 1999 she got roles in 'Wild Wild West' and 'Dogma', and then returned to Mexico for 'El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba'. In 2000, her films like 'Chain of Fools', 'Shiny New Enemies and Frida' got released. She also started her own production company Ventana Rosa. The amazing secrets to the huge stardom for this Mexican bombshell have been determination, unpredictability, courage and style.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Denise Anderson was born on 1st of July 1967 at Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada to the couple of Barry Anderson (a furnace repairman) and Carol Anderson (waitress). Initially her grand father Juho Hyytiainen was a citizen of Finland but left Finland in 1908 and later changed his name to Anderson. Lee completed her education from the High School. Lee appeared in a few movies like 'Courtship' in 1984, 'China Blue' in 1984, 'Crimes of Passion' in 1984, 'Violated' in 1985 and 'Some Kind of Wonderful' in 1987 before she made it big at the age of 22. Lee used to be a fitness instructor at that time. She was wearing a t-shirt with a Labatt’s beer logo during a 1989 pro football game in her native British Columbia, Canada when she was spotted and filmed by a cameraman. Then the Labatt Company signed a contract with the very attractive good looking blonde beauty for a series of commercial work. When she was doing some commercial work for Labatt Company she was spotted by the Playboy magazine. Lee appeared on the Playboy cover for five times which simply conveys the story. This sexy bombshell magnificent Canadian with silicone breast implants and surgically inflated lips captured a small part in TV’s 'Married...With Children' in 1990, and a two-year role in the series 'Home Improvement' from 1991 to 1993. She then went on to join the cast of the wildly popular 'Baywatch' (from 1992 to 1997) and got fame internationally. Still continuing with the 'Baywatch', she appeared in ‘B’ grade movies like 'The Taking of Beverly Hills' in 1992, 'Snap Dragon' in 1993, 'Raw Justice' in 1994, 'Come Die With Me' which is a Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer Mystery (TV in 1994), 'Naked Souls' in 1995, and 'Barb Wire' in 1996. But Pamela Anderson Lee is most famous for her Baywatch television series role. In the year 1995, she got married to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and from that time Lee’s off camera notoriety started. In their five years together the couple got separated, had two children, divorced and remarried again. Her first child Brandon Thomas Lee was born on June 5, 1996 and weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Then she gave birth to her second child Dylan Jagger Lee. Pamela's husband Tommy spent about four months in prison as he was found guilty of illegal firearm possession and child abuse. Soon after their marriage the Lees moved to court when their self made sexually explicit video was stolen and was published in a pornographic magazine. Their self made sexually explicit video got to the Internet on numerous websites. Later all those charges were dropped by them. Then her life was stormed by a cable company for not completing a movie deal in the year 1999. The case was lost by the cable company. In the year 1998, Lee starred in the action comedy, 'V.I.P.'. This heartthrob of the Hollywood industry has started her, own Internet site She has also written a book, named 'Pamdemonium'. She also published her previous book 'Pamela Anderson in Pictures', in the year 1996. In the year 1998 much was speculated about her that the entertainment media was loosing interest in the 5' 5'', overexposed blonde but it was not to happen.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz Sanches was born on 28th April 1974 at Madrid, Spain to the couple of Eduardo Cruz who (an auto mechanic) and Encarna Cruz (a hairdresser and manager). She is the eldest daughter of all, having a brother named Eduardo and sister Monica. From her childhood days Penelope had great interests in arts, most importantly in ballet and jazz. She completed her education from National Conservatory, Madrid, Spain (majored in Classical Ballet) and Cristina Rota's School in Nueva York (4 years of theater). She totally devoted her 9 years in learning classical ballet. Leaving this she spent another three years learning Spanish ballet from Angela Garrido. But the year of 1991 was a golden time of her life when she made her debut in 'El Laberinto Griego' and later went on to work for the next seven years in Spanish cinema. At the age of 17 she got a huge break when she was cast in 'Jamon, Jamon' and 'Belle Epoque'. Penelope went on to play one of four daughters of a rich man. Penelope was nominated and later achieved the 1999 Best Actress Goya award for her work in 'La Niña de Tus Ojos'. Penelope then went on to appear in 'The Hi-Lo Country' which was a Hollywood film. But she got the main attention of the Hollywood followers with her role in Pedro Almodovar's film 'All About Mother'. She was hugely appreciated and later roles poured in for Penelope. She then appeared in 'Women on Top' and 'All the Pretty Horses' which enhanced her popularity more than ever before. She had a huge fan following after that. This 5'6' sex beauty has already trapped the producers and directors with her wonderful figure and deep dark eyes. This adorable sexy actress has been declared by People magazine as one of their '50 most beautiful folks of 2000'. Such is her beauty that once producer Alan Poul commented 'She can actually stop traffic. When you see her in motion, you can't help but stare'. She is not only a beautiful figure but also has a beautiful mind and heart. Penelope donated her first official Hollywood paycheck to the Mother Theresa's children's sanctuary in Kolkata, India. She once said to Vanity Fair 'Not everybody can do what they want to do and still eat. I'm very lucky and it's getting better and better'. Penelope also supports the 'Sabera Foundation' an organization developed for helping homeless girls and people suffering from tuberculosis in Kolkata, India. She has got help from Nacho Cano and other Spanish entertainers. To help them they went on to set up a home, a school and a clinic. They also prepared two documentaries for Spanish TV on this aspect and the other one in English for the US market. As far her private life goes Penelope has been romantically linked with Matt Damon and Nicolas Cage, her former co-stars. She has been also linked with the handsome 'Vanilla Sky' co-star, Tom Cruise. Recently she broke up with Tom. She has made a unique place for her because due to the fact that there are only few people possessing beautiful figures as well as beautiful mind and heart.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was born on 27th March, 1970 at Huntington, New York, USA to the couple of Alfred Roy Carey (aeronautical engineer) and Patricia Hickey who was a former opera singer with the New York City Opera and a vocal coach. She got her education from the Oldfield Middle School and Harborfields High School. She graduated in 1987. At an early age she was recognized and nurtured by her mother. She encouraged her daughter to sing for her friends, festivals and in talent shows. This talented girl began writing her own songs from junior high school and throughout her high school career. After completing her graduation in 1987 she got involved in usual odd jobs and part time vocal works that most of the new performers go through. During one of these sessions she got an opportunity to present her demo tape to Sony Music's Entertainment President Tommy Mottola. Tommy Mottola was very impressed by her sweet voice and signed her for a recording contract. Due to her seven octave range, high and clear charming notes and typical sequences she was unique in Hollywood. In the year 1991, she released her debut album 'Emotions' which sold six million copies and two of the singles hit made the number one on the charts. Then came song like the 'Music Box' in 1993. In that year only she married Mottola in a star studded and hugely expensive ceremony. Then both of them continued their success, with award and heart winning smash hits 'Merry Christmas' in 1994, 'Daydream' in 1995, 'Butterfly' 1997 and '#1s' in 1998. Among other popular works are 'Diana', 'Princess of Wales: Tribute' in 1997 and 'VH-1 Divas Live' in 1998. Then Carey and Mottola got separated in the year 1998 but they continued with their work thus producing 'Rainbow' in 1999. It is said that up till now her career record sales is over 105 million. In this short time she has almost achieved everything. She has even broken into movies in the year 1999 with the feature film 'The Bachelor'. She also starred in the film 'All That Glitters'. She has seven 'Billboard' awards, two 'Grammy's, many 'American Music', 'Soul Train' and 'New York City Music' awards to her kitty. She has also received the Billboard Artist of the Decade for the 1990s title in December 1999.

Kate Holmes

Kate Noelle Holmes was born on 18th December 1978 at Toledo, Ohio, USA to the couple of Martin Holmes (lawyer) and Kathy Holmes. Katie is the youngest of all the family members which consists of three older sisters and an older brother. Her mother was the driving force behind getting her admitted in the Margaret O`Brien`s Modeling School in Toledo. She got her education from the Notre Dame Academy (girls Catholic high school). Katie started by attending a modeling convention in the city of New York. During this time of her life she was spotted by a talent scout from Los Angeles and later encouraged her to give an audition test in California. Her father did not favour this but Katie was confident and she made her move to Hollywood with her mother. She needed only one audition to prove her worth and she was immediately casted in `The Ice Storm` as Tobey Maguire`s girlfriend. Then came the most important phase of her life when Katie appeared in the `Dawson`s Creek` series that got positive reviews even before its premiere. Following this success and backed by huge popularity among teens Katie appeared in the thriller `Disturbing Behavior` in 1998. This followed with two other feature films `Go` and `Teaching Mrs. Tingle`. Katie also starred in `Disturbing Behavior`. Katie is considered among the most talented actresses of her generation. Katie got the limelight and achieved huge stardom even before she got into her career similar to Sarah Michelle Gellar. In the year 1998 she received Sweden`s Expressen Fredag`s `Babe of the Year`. As far her personal life goes she was linked with actors Joshua Jackson and Chris Klein. Katie currently resides in Wilmington

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue was born on 28th May, 1968 at Bethlehem Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to the couple of Ron and Carol Minogue. Kylie first caught the attention of the British public from her presence in the soap 'Neighbours'. After sometime she went on to release a cover version of 'Little Eva's Locomotion' which became a blockbuster hit in Australia and England reaching to number 1. She followed it with 'I Should Be So Lucky'. After all this success she was signed by production team of Stock Aitken Waterman. In order to shred off her good clean image she tried different formulas in the whole of 1990's. She achieved this by appearing in 'Nick Cave video', playing a floating corpse role and also worked with the Manic Street Preachers. Unluckily none of these proved too fruitful for her career so she returned back to her image as a pop/ dance diva. In the year 2000 she released 'Spinning Around'. As this got released it hit the number one spot in Australia and England but the following year turned out to be the turning point in her career when 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' written by Cathy Dennis was released. This album had attractive rhythm and outstanding choreographed video. The press has always been attracted by Kylie's love life due to her illicit relation with co-star Jason Donovan and later with the late Michael Hutchence (the former front man of Australian band INXS). She is recently heard to have separated away from her model boyfriend James Gooding.

Madonna Louise

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone was born on 16th August 1958 at Bay City, Michigan, USA. This Pop singer, songwriter, movie actress won a scholarship while remaining in high school to study dance at the University of Michigan. In the late 1970s she left for New York City where she studied and danced with Alvin Ailey and Pearl Lang. There she acted in underground films, and also performed with the rock bands. In 1983 her albums 'Madonna' and 'Like a Virgin' in 1984 included several hit singles and sold over a million copies each. Except for her roles in 'Desperately Seeking Susan' in 1985 and 'Evita' in 1996, her movie performances, were seldom well received. She has become a well-known face all over the world for her exciting stage and video performances. It was a new symbol of ambiguous feminism. Her combination of cunning vulgarity and sharp wit made her the best-known woman in the world. She published her book 'Sex' in the year 1992 which featured exciting photographs of her and others. The controversy that was created from this publication helped her in being caste in the feature film version of the musical 'Evita' in the year 1996. But critics believed that she was not the right person morally to play the role of the beloved Argentinean Eva Peron. But she showed her versatility once again by performing the role passionately and effectively. The 'Ray of Light' released in 1998 was about music only. As far her personal life goes she gave birth to her former companion Carlos Leonbe's child named Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon in 1997. She was also married to actor Sean Penn.

Kate Moss

Katherine Moss was born on 16th January 1974 at Addiscomb, Croydon, Surrey, England, U.K. When she was 15 years old her parents got seperated. She has one brother named Nick. Kate got into the fashion industry by coincidence. It all happened in the year 1988 when she she was only 14 years old. She and her family ware waiting in JFK airport on their way back from a vacation in the Bahamas when Sarah Ducas of `Storm Agency` took notice of her. This paved the path of her hugely successful modelling career. From that day onwards her life has changed totally. She made her modeling job debut on the cover of the British magazine `The Face` with a topless appearance. Since then she is one of the most noted and important photographed models till now. Then Kate got engaged with the agencies like `Women` in New York, `Marilyn` in Milan and the `Storm agency` in London. Kate has also appeared for agencies with huge reputation like `Allure`, `Harper`s Bazaar` in the US, `Arena`, `Elle`, `The Face` in the UK. She has also made her appearance in `Vogue` in different editions such as Brazilian, British, Italian, Australian and American. But achieved most of her fame when she was seen in `Calvin Klein` ads. She was almost a certainity for the Calvin Klein ads such as `fragrances Obsession`, `CK One` and `CK Be` thus making her a recognizable figure. Leaving this she has also appeared in ads for `Cerruti 1881`, `Burberry`, `De Beers Simple Diamond`, `Gianni Versace`, `Dolce and Gabbana`, `L`Oreal`, Yves Saint Laurent`s perfume `Opium` and `Yves Saint Laurent`. Kate has also tried her luck in acting. She was seen first time in television documentary named `Models Close-Up`. Then she appeared in `French and Saunders` which was a comedy series on the BBC, in MTV`s `Fashionably Loud`, in `Choose or Lose` show. She also appeared in `British Mercury Mobile Phones` ads and not to mention `Calvin Klein` television ads. Like other supermodels she kept the tradition of appearing in music videos such as `Linda Evangelista` and `Helena Christensen`. She has also won a prize for the most number of appearances in music videos. Sooner or later she had to appear in movies also. So she appeared in Johnny Cash`s `Delia`s Gone`, Elton John`s `The Way You Look Tonight` and Primal Scream`s `Kowalski`. As far her private life goes this famous, rich, very sexy and extremely successful lady has been romantically linked with Johnny Depp for four years. It was also believed that once Johnny Depp gifted her a $100,000 BMW during her stay at a private clinic. She was also heard to have dated with Calvin Klein`s photographer `Mario Sorrenti`. Her income in 1994 was guessed to be worth of $2.2 million and in 2000 about $26.3 million. Kate is believed to charge at least $10,000 per day of work. Kate completed a $4 million contract of Calvin Klein ad in 100 days. She has got apartments in England,France but her home is in the city of New York. It was also reported that she and Johnny Depp bought an apartment in Paris on the Place Dauphine. She also started publishing `Kate` which is a picture book of herself.In 2003 she was believed to have relations with her publisher boyfriend Jefferson Hack and they were planning to get married but this news was strongly denied by Kate.

Kate Winslet

Kate Elizabeth Winslet was born on 5th October 1975 at Reading, Berkshire, U.K. When Kate was 11 years old, she began to take acting lessons in Maidenhead. She achieved her first acting role in a 'Sugar Puffs' commercial with the Honey Monster. Later she attended an arts school and carried on with roles in the British television drama 'Shrinks'. It followed a series of appearances in televisions projects like 'Casualty', 'Dark Season', 'Get Back', and 'Anglo-Saxon Attitudes'. Kate's appearance in theaters includes 'Pandora' in the musical 'Adrian Mole', 'Sarah' in 'A Game of Soldier', 'Wendy' in 'Peter Pan' and 'Geraldine' in 'What the Butler Saw'. In the year 1994, Kate made her debut into films with 'Heavenly Creatures', in which she appeared as the leading lady and received roaring reviews. In the first instance only, Kate caught the eye of screenwriter and producer Emma Thompson. Emma then caste Kate for a role in which Kate went on to earn herself a greater accolade of being nominated as the Best Supporting Actress in Oscar. Later Kate continued to show her talent and flair in other productions like 'Jude' and Kenneth Branagh's 'Hamlet'. But Kate's most memorable and successful movie is 'Titanic', where she played the role of 'Rose Dewitt Bukater', an upper class Philadelphian who boarded the ill fated ocean liner. The success of 'Titanic' helped Kate to get more roles. She also was caste in some smaller films like 'Hideous Kinky' in Morocco and opposite Harvey Keitel in 'Holy Smoke'. Leaving 'Titanic' the next memorable work for Kate was in the film 'Quills'. It was all about Marquis de Sade's ultimate days that was known for his disputed works which contained graphic descriptions of sex. Then Kate went on to appear in films like 'Enigma' and 'Iris' for which she has captured numerous awards. This 5' 8'' talented and beautiful lady is a well seasoned actress now, who follows a long listed line of performing artist family members. As a child she was destined to be in the show business as her grandparents controlled Reading Repertory Theatre, her late uncle was a West End actor, and her father Roger Winslet and mother Sally Winslet were stage actors. As far her personal life goes she married Jim Threapleton on November 22, 1998 (the assistant director) whom she met during filming of 'Hideous Kinky' in 1997. They got engaged on October 1998 and later separated in September 2001.She was also believed to have relationship with actor Rufus Sewall which broke up in 1996, and with actor and screenwriter Stephen Tredre who died in December 1997 from bone cancer at age 34. They were together until 1995.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum was born on 1st January 1973 at Berisch Gladbach, Germany to the couple of Gunther and Erna. She used to live with her family at Bergisch Gladbach, a city within Cologne. As Heidi`s father worked for a cosmetics company and her mother Erna, was a hairdresser she always wanted to be a fashion model. While Heidi was still in high school and 18 years old, she saw an ad in `Petra` magazine for a competition called `Model '92`. It was Heidi`s friend who encouraged her to tremendously to send some photos of her for the competition. Then Heidi traveled to Munich to compete for the competition. She went there just for fun but this later turned out to be a life changing event as she won that competition. She was hugely surprised as she never thought of winning. This 5 feet 9 inches supermodel with tantalizing figure went on to sign a contract with the Metropolitan modeling agency, for a minimum of three years. But before leaving for America, she modeled in fashion capitals like Paris and Milan. Heidi`s patience and hard efforts began to create magic and the modeling offers started to enter her life at a fast pace. As a result she appeared in many print advertisements that includes `Bonne Bell`, `Finesse`, `Gerry Weber`, `Givenchy`s Amerige`, `I-N-C`, and also for the `Victoria`s Secret` advertising campaign. The appearance in the Victoria`s Secret Angels advertising campaign, saw her rise from model to supermodel, thus sharing same stardom like Yasmeen Ghauri, Tyra Banks, Helena Christensen, and Stephanie Seymour. Heidi then went on to appear on the covers of magazines such as Bride`s, Cosmopolitan, Self, Glamour, and Mademoiselle, but the recognition that Heidi received as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition`s 1998 cover girl was beyond all. Heidi did not had to look back as she achieved super stardom after winning the cover spot on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. After her appearances on the `Letterman Show` and `Spin City` her followers started to wonder whether she was moving towards a second career. She then got contracted with Elite Model Management, and continues pursuing her acting career. Heidi is very much known all over for her down to earth personality accompanied by her great sense of humor. She dislikes staying in expensive hotels and also hates to fly. As far her personal life goes Heidi is married to hairstylist Ric Pipino in September 1997, in Stone Ridge, New York and later separated in November 2002.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Blythe Barrymore was born on 22nd February 1975 at Culver City, Los Angeles, California, USA in the famous Hollywood-royalty Barrymore family. When she was only 11 months old she acted in a TV commercial. At the tender age of 7, Drew was caste in box office record setter 'E.T.' in the year 1982. Drew was dropped out of school at the age of 14 and the negative side of her child stardom was revealed. She then went on to publish her autobiography, 'Little Girl Lost' in the year 1990. She started drinking at the age of 9, dope smoking at the age of 10 and coke snorting at the age of 12. These were some of the spots on Barrymore's descent. In the year 1992, she played the role of a young seductress not following any moral in 'Poison Ivy' after appearing in small roles in seldom seen movies. This role enhanced her minor image which was further cemented by a Guess add shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. She was promoting a jeans ad campaign and this later on highlighted her trashy white sex appeal. Barrymore tends to be more comfortable in low class, highly excited projects like 'The Amy Fisher Story' (which was a TV movie in the year 1993), 'Guncrazy' in 1992, and the short-lived soap '2000 Malibu Road' in 1992, rather than in Hollywood's mid-budget projects like 'Bad Girls' in 1994, 'Boys on the Side' in 1995, and 'Mad Love' in 1995. Drew then got married on March 1994 to an LA bar owner, but within two months of her marriage Drew applied for divorce and later got engaged with Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson. In her many TV talk show appearances Drew could not stop praising for Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson. Drew has finally settled down, after several nude public appearances including the David Letterman, and the China Club thus leaving her bad girl image, attitude for a more matured womanly one. Drew then appeared on MTV as a spokesperson, and actress for a women's condom commercial. Drew was excellent in Wes Craven's 'Scream' in 1996, Woody Allen's 'Everyone Says I Love You' in 1996, and 'The Wedding Singer' in 1997. Drew met her new love, Luke Wilson, on a film shoot in the year 1996 but broke up with in the year of 1999. In 1998, she played the role of Cinderella with dedication in the movie 'Ever After', a pregnant fast-food worker in 'Home Fries', and played Luke Wilson's fiancée in the movie 'Best Men'. On April 9, 1999 her first produced movie 'Never Been Kissed' got released in the theaters. The name of her production company is Flower Films and her partner is Nancy Jevonen. The next movie that got released from Flower Films is 'Charlie's Angels', which was a major success. Drew is now enjoying her life and hopes to continue in the same way in the future

Halle Berry

Halle Maria Berry was born on 14th of August 1968 at 1:00 pm in Cleveland, Ohio, USA to the couple of African American father 'Jerome Berry' (former hospital attendant) and Judith Berry (retired psychiatric nurse). Halle also has a two years older sister named Heidi. As far her education life goes she was into Bedford High School, Cleveland until 1984 and then got into Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland where she majored in Broadcast Journalism and graduated in the year 1986. Halle first came into the limelight when she went on to win the 'Miss Teen All-American Pageant' at the age of 17 years, by representing the state of Ohio in 1985. The following year in 1986 she became the first runner-up in the 'Miss USA Pageant'. Halle decided to become a model after finishing the competition. In the year 1989 this participation made her appear in the TV series 'Living Dolls'. Her performance was appreciated because she made the roles look lively and real. She became so much devoted to her roles that she did not used to bathe for several days. This followed when she appeared in Spike Lee's 'Jungle Fever' in the year 1991. In 1992, she made her appearance as Eddie Murphy's love interest in 'Boomerang'. Murphy was evenly matched by her on screen. In the year of 1994, Berry was the name very much familiar with the youths for her performance as sexy secretary 'Sharon Stone' in 'Flintstones'. The following year she costarred with Jessica Lange in the drama 'Losing Isaiah' which was highly publicized. The movie did not receive the response that was expected. She received great success starring in Warren Beatty's 'Bulworth' in 1998 when she played the role of a street smart young woman. The year 1999 saw her win more hearts for her role as actress 'Dorothy Dandridge' in 'Introducing Dorothy Dandridge' (TV), for which she went on to win a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Movie/ Mini-Series. Her performance in 2000's 'X-Men' received huge response and became a box office success. As far we know about her personal life she was believed to have relations with actor Wesley Snipes and Shemar Moore. She married David Justice (Atlanta Braves right fielder) on New Year's Day 1993 and later divorced in 1996. She was then engaged with Eric Benet on August 14, 1999 (a jazz musician by profession) and married on 24, January 2001

Demi Moore

Demi Moore was born on November 11, 1962 at Roswell, New Mexico, USA to the couple of Charles Harmon (Air Force man) and Virginia Guynes. Demi had to face a series of misfortunes after she was born. Charles Harmon left Demi's mother after a two-month marriage before the birth of his daughter, Demetria Guynes (Demi Moore's real name). Then her mother married Danny Guynes (Demi's stepfather) who moved his family all over in search of work, while gambling away the money he did make out of his work, ultimately committing suicide. About that time only she came to know that he wasn’t her real father. After her step father's death her mother Virginia, could not provide much help either due to her long-lasting criminal record. So it was very much left on to the 30 year old musician Freddy Moore who married the 18 year old Demi and took her away to Los Angeles. After 4 years of marriage they finally divorced. But this move turned out to be very effective for this young lady. After she left high school around the age of 16 she worked as a model. But she took on acting and also helped her neighbor Nastassja Kinski in rehearsing parts. With an appearance on stage Demi began her acting career. She won a Theatre World Award in 1981 for her role in 'The Early Girl'. Then she went on to appear in the opera 'General Hospital' in the 1982/ 83 season, 'Choices' in 1981, 'Parasite' and 'Young Doctors In Love' in 1982. Her next character, in 'Blame It On Rio' in 1984, got her the focus she needed, and this led her to a lead role in 'No Small Affair' and an important breakthrough in St. Elmo’s 'Fire' in 1985. She then came into the limelight for her unfortunate addiction towards cocaine. But a strong determination combined with a strong mind helped her to get away from this deadly habit. In the year 1986 she appeared in films like 'Wisdom', 'One Crazy Summer', and 'About Last Night'. The following year Moore married TV actor Bruce Willis after leaving her fiancé Emilio Estevez. In 1989, she also appeared in one of the episode of his hit TV series 'Moonlighting'. Then she followed with films like 'The Seventh Sign' and 'We’re No Angels', but it took her another long year before she made the Hollywood A-list and with 1990's 'Ghost' she acquired a Golden Globe nomination. The following decade she became the mother of three daughters, appeared in some high profile nude poses on covers of Vanity Fair, television appearances and achieved the 'Best Dressed' and 'Most Beautiful' titles. Apart from acting she was also behind the camera roles in a stream of movies and also helped them financially like 'Nothing But Trouble', 'Mortal Thoughts' which she co produced, 'The Butcher’s Wife' in 1991, 'A Few Good Men' in 1992, 'Indecent Proposal' in 1993 for a MTV Movie, People’s Choice, ShoWest awards, 'Disclosure' in 1994 'Now and Then' which she produced, 'The Scarlet Letter' in 1995 where her daughter Tallulah also appeared, 'The Juror' for a People’s Choice award, 'Striptease' in 1996 for a Razzie award for the worst actress, (her daughter Rumer also appeared), 'Deconstructing Harry' in 1997, 'GI Jane' which she produced, 'Destination Anywhere' in 1997 and the 'Austin Powers movies' in 1997 and 1999 which also she produced. The 5' 5', very talented hoarse voiced Moore also gave her eloquence to animated films. In 1999 Moore also became an editor by accepting the assignment for the millennium issue of Marie Claire magazine. She then went on to appear in 'Basic Instinct 2' and 'Passion of Mind'. Moore is one of those rare personalities that have risen to the top of her profession with a strong will power that is respected by all. She is the great symbol of a woman driven by talent, beauty, style and brains.

Britney Spears

Britney Jean Spears was born on December 2, 1981 at Kentwood, Louisiana to the couple of Jamie Spears (building contractor) and Lynne Spears (a second grade teacher). She also has a sister Jamie Lynn and a brother Bryan. She got her education from NYC's Professional Performing Arts School, Broadway Dance Center and Mickey Mouse Club. When Britney Spears was four years old she made her first solo performance by singing the song 'What Child Is This?' to her church assembly. At the age of eight, her stage skills matured enough so she tried out for Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club. At that time one of the producers lined up an agent for the youngster as she was too young for the show. To fulfill her dreams she and her family moved from Kentwood, Louisiana to opportunity filled New York. There Spears was very much engaged in intensive dance classes and at the Professional Performing Arts School. When she was 10 years old, Spears was not considered for the lead in an off-Broadway production of 'Ruthless'. The following year she tried out again for MMC and this time she was selected. In the year of 1993 and 1994 she continued with the show and then returned to regular high school for a close-to-normal routine. At the age of 15, this 5' 4' very talented ambitious teen got the demo tape that got her contracted to a record deal. As a result she left behind her high school halls. Her travel schedule was mainly to Sweden and to a string of U.S. malls. Spears started for the hit band 'N Sync' in January, 1999. Spears surpassed ’N Sync and almost everyone else in the pop rock biz in the next month, after her debut album 'Baby One More Time' got to the record stores, radio stations and music video stations. That album sold almost 17 million copies and helped the artist to four major Billboard Music awards, an unexpected four MTV Europe Music awards, a Much Music Canada award and two Grammy nominations. Songs like Bottom of My Broken Heart, Crazy, Sometimes and the title track 'Baby One More Time' was on the top of the music charts in a flash. News in Rolling Stone magazine with endless television appearances, media interviews and long touring schedule made this performer fell on top of the world. Soon she was a teen glamorous superstar in one brief year. The negative side of this instant fame was numerous anti-Britney websites running daily on the Internet, and an appearance on Mr. Blackwell’s Worst Dressed list. But this did not make much difference since she had more than enough devoted. Spears is also been caste in three episodes of the hit series 'Dawson’s Creek' and contracted a deal for a TV series of her own. On May 16, 2000 a new album, with Spears’ own tune, Dear Diary got released. Spears is known to lead her fellow dancers in prayer before each performance. This ambitious 5' 4', talented young woman has the potential to be more than what she is now. As far her personal life goes she was rumored to have relations with Colin Farrell (actor), Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit front man), Justin Timberlake (member of 'N Sync, broke up) and Jason Geddert (dated in 1997). Spears also signed for a spot on hit sitcom WILL & GRACE. Spears has begun a new relationship with MTV host Mike Kasem. They’ve been friends but their romance has only developed in the last couple of years.

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke was born on 8th September 1971 at Hartford, Connecticut, USA. She completed her education from the UCLA, and she majored in Journalism. As a child she wanted to become a drummer in a rock band. The Arizona modeling agency discovered Brooke when she was young. After that she achieved an acting scholarship and therefore went to Los Angeles and began her studies. While staying there she was contracted with numerous well known modeling agencies. This made her appear in more than dozens of magazine covers, swimsuit editorials, catalogues and posters. Then she also made her appearance in many TV commercials. But she became popular and well known after she was seen in travel series, `Wild On`. This was broadcasted in more than 120 countries. After finishing this travel series she was contracted for `Rank` which was a pop series. In the three years of `Wild On` she was seen to travel to several exotic places. She had huge thirst for travelling worldwide. During her three years tenure she described each and every country's culture. She has also traveled the whole world in search of hot, spicy and sexy swim-wears. A manufacturer company in Italy has started `Barely Brooke` which is a collection of international beach wares, after drawing inspiration from Brook. All this happened due to the combined efforts of both Christina Andrade Brenner and Brooke. Christina is the designer of Studio Italia. Before making them they have fully studied and combined Italian quality with sex appeal, fabrics and image. This collection is combined of soothing sexy bikinis, suits, matching pants, hip cover-ups and tops. Brook was also photographed for her 2003 calendar. As far her personal life goes she is engaged with plastic surgeon Garth Fisher from 2001. She has two daughters Neriah and Sierra Sky. She said that she enjoys the most when she spends maximum time with her family. Her other interests includes taking long walks along beaches and mountain trails, cooking for her family and friends, and seeing movies. She is also engaged with many charitable organizations for helping Kids and the foundation of the Entertainment Industry.

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields was born on May 31, 1965 at New York to the couple of Frank Shields (a Revlon executive) and Teri Shields (Personal manager and a former model). She completed her education from Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey with a B.A. (Honors) in French Literature. When she was 11 months old, she was the Most Beautiful Baby in America advertising for Ivory Snow soap. She became a Top Model at the age of 12. By 14 she became an actress with huge promise. She also became one of Playboy Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Stars of the Century. She was ranked 49. She got her first TV role in 'The Prince of Central Park' in 1977. Shields made her debut in films with 'Alice Sweet Alice', after several years of modeling, at the age of 12. She appeared in 'King of the Gypsies', the best acting of her career up till now with 'Pretty Baby' in 1978, 'Wanda Nevada' in 1979, and 'The Blue Lagoon' in 1980. She achieved stardom for her role in 'The Blue Lagoon'. Shields is not considered the purest of actors but she has got that something extra than just a pretty face that keep roles pouring her way. She also appeared for 'Endless Love' in 1981, 'The Doctors' (TV in 1982), 'Wet Gold' (TV in 1984), 'Muppet' movies in 1984 and 1985, 'Brenda Starr' in 1986, 'Quantum Leap' (TV in 1989), 'Tales From The Crypt' (TV in 1989), 'Backstreet Dreams' in 1990, 'The Diamond Trap' (TV in 1992), 'An American Love' in 1992, 'I Can Make You Love Me' which is The Stalking of Laura Black (TV in 1993), 'Freaked' in 1993, 'The Seventh Floor', 'Running Wild' in 1994, 'Nothing Lasts Forever' in 1995, 'Freeway' in 1996, 'Friends' (TV in 1996), 'The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery' (TV in 1996), 'Scratch the Surface', 'The Larry Sanders Show' in 1997, 'The Misadventures of Margaret', 'Sahara', 'Speed Zone' in 1998, and 'The Bachelor' in 1999. She has also appeared as a presenter and host of various events. Shields also starred in her own successful television comedy, 'Suddenly Susan' in 1996. In the year 1998, she successfully sued a British tabloid for malicious allegations against her. Later on in 1999 she masterfully handled the sudden death of her co star, David Strickland who committed suicide. Brooke then married Andre Agassi (the famous tennis player) on April 19, 1997 and got separated in April 1999. She then got engaged with Chris Henchy (a TV writer) in mid-July 2000 and married him in April 2001 on Catalina Island. She was also known to have relations with Prince Albert of Monaco, Woody Harrelson (actor), Dean Cain (actor), Michael Jackson (singer), Liam Neeson (actor), and John Travolta (actor). Shields is also an author. She has written two books, 'The Brooke Book' and 'On Your Own'. She has also starred in films 'After Sex' and 'Black and White'. 'Something' is working for her still. That 'something' that she possesses is highly charismatic beauty and divine driving ambition. It’s just all working for her very well.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born on 4 September 1981 at Houston,Texas,USA.She is called by the nickname Bee. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is the lead singer of the group. At this tender age she has achieved a lot of fame and success. She is like a mother of the group. She controls everyone but when the 3 of the group members get together they becomes really crazy. They always try to make the best of what they do. Sometimes they become so crazy that someone has to keep them on track. That someone is Beyoncé herself.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Mary Kidman was born on 20th of June 1967 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA to the couple of Anthony Kidman (a biochemist, clinical psychologist and author) and Janelle Kidman (a nurse and educator). She has also got a younger sister Antonia Kidman. When she was 3 years old she began to take training in dance, drama and mime at the St. Martin’s Youth Theater in Melbourne and the Australian Theater for Young People. The talented, very pretty, 5'10' Australian was a natural for the stage. When she was only 14 years old she joined the Sydney’s Philip Street Theater and grabbed a Sydney Theater Critics’ Best Newcomer Award for her achievement. In the year 1983, she went on to make her debut in television with the popular 'Bush Christmas'. On that same year she starred in Australian TV’s 'BMX Bandits', and parts in 'Chase Through The Night', 'Five-Mile Creek', 'Prince and the Great Race' and 1984's 'Matthew and Son'. Kidman continued to appear in television with 'Wills and Burke', 'Room To Move', 'Archer’s Adventure' in 1985, 'Windrider', 'Watch The Shadows Dance', 'Night Master' in 1987, and in the films 'Une Australienne a Rome', 'The Bit Part' in 1987, and 'Emerald City' in 1988. For her great performance in 'Vietnam' (TV in 1988) and 'Bangkok Hilton' (TV in 1989) Nicole was awarded Australian Film Institute Best Actress Awards. She also achieved the Australian Public’s Best Actress award of the Year consecutively in 1988 and 1989. Only in the year of 1989, Nicole made her debut in American film with 'Dead Calm' where she played the role of Rae Ingram. In her next film, 'Days of Thunder' in 1990, her co-star was Tom Cruise. They became husband and wife that year. The couple has adopted two children Connor Anthony Kidman Cruise and Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise. She later on proved to every detractors that she can also act and give solid performances like her established husband by appearing in 'Emerald City' in 1990, 'Billy Bathgate' in 1991, 'Far and Away', 'Flirting' in 1992, 'My Life', 'Malice' in 1993 and 'Batman Forever' in 1995. But her next film 'To Die For' in 1995 is considered her major success. This film fully established Kidman like all other big stars of Hollywood. Then movies like 'The Leading Man', 'The Portrait of a Lady' in 1996, 'The Peacemaker' in 1997, 'Practical Magic' in 1998, 'Eyes Wide Shut' and 'Eyes Wide Shut' in 1999 followed. In the year 2000, the Kidman movies that released worldwide are 'Criminal Conversation', 'Berlin Diaries 1940-45', 'Moulin Rouge', 'In the Cut' and 'Heartswap'. In the years gone by, Kidman has always handled her public marriage with her private home life and also her very busy, high profile career tactfully.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell was born on 22nd May, 1970 at Streatham, London, England, UK. From her childhood days she dreamt of achieving nice things in the future. Naomi Campbell started her career with modeling. Her unnatural, serious style made her a bit different from other ones. After spending only a few years in the modeling world, she began to explore new grounds, and became only the first black model to make her appearance on the covers of TIME MAGAZINE, French and British VOGUE. Something different was about to happen because the talents she possessed was more, than enough to become a supermodel. In the year 1995, she recorded 'Babywoman' which was released by Epic Records. Naomi and the Japanese singer Toshi's 'La, La, La' Love Song once became the number one in Japan. Naomi has made her appearance in several music videos which includes Michael Jackson's outstanding 'In The Closet'. This video was directed by Herb Ritts. At the age of 27, she was almost the model queen. Naomi has also tried her hands in the world of acting by appearing in films and televisions. She appeared in Spike Lee's 'Girl 6' which also starred Madonna and Theresa Randle, and in an Alan Smithee film with Sylvester Stallone, Whoppi Goldberg and Jackie Chan. Naomi's other film includes 'Miami Rhapsody' opposite Antonio Banderas, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mia Farrow and Tony Hickox's 'Invasion of Privacy'. She made her appearance in television with 'NY Undercover' and 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'. Naomi has also written a novel named 'Swan' which was published by Heinemann/ Mandarin, and followed it with a photo book 'Naomi'. The book contains selected photos by photographers Herb Ritts, Steven Meisel, Richard Avedon, Ellen Von Unwerth and Peter Lindbergh. She also has a great heart. The money collected from the sales of the book were donated to the Red Cross Somalia Relief Fund. Naomi takes initiatives to support underprivileged and needy children. She donated hugely and helped Dalai Lama in raising funds through UNESCO to build kindergartens for poor and needy people in the whole world. She has also built kindergartens in Jamaica in her name.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was born to the couple of David a computer operations specialist and Guadalupe, a kindergarten teacher in The Bronx, New York. She has two older sisters - Lynda and Leslie. She has got a Latin look because her parents came from Puerto Rico in the South America. Jennifer Lopez had to go through many hardships before reaching a certain place. She started her career only as a dancer and performed in stage musicals and thus toured Europe and Japan when she was a teen. Her first appearance in movie was in 1986 in 'My Little Girl'. As an actress her first major appearance was in the movie 'Money Train' but the real breakthrough came later. She portrayed the tragically killed musician Selena Quintanilla Perez in the movie 'Selena' in 1997. This film had a huge impact in her life. On Oct 28, 1996 in San Antonio at the movie party for Selena an interesting incident happened. Jennifer's boyfriend Ojani Noa got a microphone in her hand and proposed her in the middle of the dance floor and also presented her a large marquis-cut diamond ring. She accepted his proposal with a cute smile. Later in 1997 she appeared in big movies like 'Blood and Wine', 'Anaconda' and 'U Turn'. The same year she was named as one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. She was also nominated for the Golden Globe Best Actress Nomination for her role in 'Selena'. Her tremendous role in 'Selena' fetched her many films like 'Out Of Sight' in 1998, 'Antz' in 1998 (only voice) and 'Thieves' in 1999. Then films like 'The Wedding Planner', 'Pluto Nash', 'Angel Eyes' and 'The Cell' got released. Later she went to Manhattan to learn about dancing and used to sleep in the studio after finishing her practice. Within some weeks of the release of her debut album 'On The 6', it won the hearts of everyone. For this Lopez got the nomination for four MTV music awards. Lopez's music video 'If You Had My Love' helped her win the Billboard Pop Clip Of The Year award. The song 'Waiting For Tonight' was also nominated for Grammy awards. Later she got another nomination for 'Brit Awards 2000 Best International Newcomer' and for the 'Best International Solo Artist titles' as well. As far her personal life goes at the age of 15 Jennifer Lopez was engaged with David Cruz who was the best looking guy in her neighbor. Her one negative aspect of life came to the focus when she was jailed alongside rap artist Sean Combs for keeping an illegal gun. She was given the name 'La Guitarra' in the gyms because her body had the shape of a perfect guitar. She is called 'The Supernova' in her local place Bronx and fans nicknamed her 'J LO'... Up till now she has achieved a lot but the best is yet to arrive.

Julie Roberts

Julie Fiona Roberts was born on 28th of October 1967 at 12:16 am in Smyrna, Georgia, USA to the couple of Walter Roberts (actor, writer; died of cancer in 1977) and actress Betty Lou Roberts. She has also got a sister Lisa Roberts born in 1965, a brother Eric Roberts, born on April 18, 1956 and a Half Sister Nancy Motes who was born in 1976. She completed her education from Fitzhugh Lee Elementary School, Griffin Middle School and Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia and graduated in 1985. After finishing her high school graduation, Roberts went to New York to join her sister. Only at the age of 19 years, in the year of 1986 she appeared as her actor brother’s on screen sister in the movie, 'Blood Red' which got released in 1989. Then she appeared in 'Firehouse' in 1987, 'Crime Story' (TV), 'Satisfaction' (TV), 'Before Your Eyes: Angelie’s Secret' (TV), 'Baja Oklahoma' (TV), and 'Miami Vice' (TV episode) in 1988. For her wonderful performance in 1988's 'Mystic Pizza' she grabbed an 'Independent Spirit Award nomination'. She followed her impressive performance in blockbuster films like 'Steel Magnolias' in 1989 for which she achieved a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination, 'Pretty Woman' in 1990 for which she achieved an Oscar nomination and British Academy award nomination, 'Flatliners' in 1990, 'Sleeping With The Enemy' in 1991 and 'Dying Young' in 1991 for which she achieved a MTV Movie award nomination. But what followed next was not that great. Robert was nominated for a Razzie Worst Supporting Actress slam for her next role in 'Hook' in 1991. Then she had problems with her fiancé Keifer Sutherland and resulted in a breakup of tie between them just few days before the planned wedding. For her personal problems she appeared only in one film, 'The Player' in the year of 1992. But Robert was ready to fight it out with her misfortunes. In the year 1993 Robert found fresh air with her appearances in films like 'The Pelican Brief' for which she captured an MTV Movie award. Then she went on to marry singer/ songwriter/ actor 'Lyle Lovett' the same year, but the marriage only lasted for 21 months. She then accepted roles in 'Pret-a-Porter', 'I Love Trouble' in 1994, 'A Century of Cinema' (TV) in 1994, 'Something To Talk About' in 1995, 'Michael Collins', 'Everyone Says I Love You' in 1996 and 'Mary Reilly' in 1996 for which she achieved another Razzie nomination. The three years that followed was outstanding for Robert. She was caste in films like 'My Best Friend’s Wedding' for which she got a Golden Globe nomination, Golden Satellite award, People’s Choice award, Blockbuster Entertainment award and MTV Movie award, 'Conspiracy Theory' in 1997 for which she achieved a Blockbuster Entertainment award, 'Stepmom' in 1998 and captured a Blockbuster Entertainment award, 'Notting Hill' (for which she achieved a Golden Globe nomination and People’s Choice award), and 'Runaway Bride' in 1999. She was also the executive producer of 'Stepmom'. At that moment she was on the top of the world as she was also nominated for an Emmy for a guest appearance on the television series 'Law and Order' in 1999. She was also named amongst People Magazine’s Best-Dressed list three times. She also appeared in films like 'Erin Brockovich', 'The Moviegoer', 'The Women', 'Beyond Borders', 'Oceans II', 'The Mexican', 'To Catch A Thief', 'Martha and Arthur' and 'From Alice to Ocean'. Julia Roberts now receives a healthy salary for almost each of her movie. In fact, she is the first woman to break the $20 million border. Her directors are ready to pay her any amount due to her consistent audience attracting performances. Her charismatic presence and typical looks gives an impression of a Girl Next Door Superstar

Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta was born on 11th of May 1978 at Pont-Audeme, France to the couple of Dominique (a Corsican father) and Line (a Norman mother). She has an elder brother Jean Baptiste and a younger sister Marie Ange. In Latin 'joy' is the meaning of her name. As her father Dominique hailed from Corsica she spent her early life in Corsica. Then she moved to Normandy, where she lived with her family. Her body was matured early and it caused her to feel awkward about her appearance. As a child she was very shy but after the birth of her sister Marie Ange she changed herself and later projected herself as a role model for her sister. After some years she was discovered by a photographer from Madison Models. In the year 1993, Laetitia signed a contract with Guess? Jeans and later with Victoria's Secret in the year 1996. She got popularity instantly and she landed spots in the 1997, 1998, and 1999 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. Then she went on to appear in almost 100 covers of most notable fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour. At that time she was also seen in commercials for L'Oreal. Laetitia is multitalented therefore it did not take much time to establish herself in acting as well. She starred in 'Asterix' beside Gerard Depardieu, Roberto Benigni and Christian Clavier, which is the most costly French film ever being made. She then starred in a French television movie 'The Blue Bicycle' but unfortunately lost the role in 'Texas Rangers' to Leonor Varela. Laetitia ranked second in Maxim Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful Women' issue. Very less things are speculated and rumored about Laetitia. She was said to be dating with famed humanitarian Faiz Ahmad. Laetitia has never done explicit nude work, but she has appeared nude in some 'artistic' shoots, and every time she appears for these shoots she generates true passion. Then Laetitia was chosen as France's new 'Marianne', but very few were pleased about this. Everyone questioned about her worthiness amongst predecessors Brigitte Bardot and model Ines De La Fressange but this never affected her confidence. Laetitia stayed with her parents until she was 21. Now she lives with her elder brother, Jean Baptistean at an apartment in London. She also has huge interests in painting, writing, rollerblading, watching movies, go carting with her brother and dancing to disco music. Very people know that Laetitia holds a brown belt in Judo.Laetitia Casta was born on 11th of May 1978 at Pont-Audeme, France to the couple of Dominique (a Corsican father) and Line (a Norman mother). She has an elder brother Jean Baptiste and a younger sister Marie Ange. In Latin 'joy' is the meaning of her name. As her father Dominique hailed from Corsica she spent her early life in Corsica. Then she moved to Normandy, where she lived with her family. Her body was matured early and it caused her to feel awkward about her appearance. As a child she was very shy but after the birth of her sister Marie Ange she changed herself and later projected herself as a role model for her sister. After some years she was discovered by a photographer from Madison Models. In the year 1993, Laetitia signed a contract with Guess? Jeans and later with Victoria's Secret in the year 1996. She got popularity instantly and she landed spots in the 1997, 1998, and 1999 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. Then she went on to appear in almost 100 covers of most notable fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour. At that time she was also seen in commercials for L'Oreal. Laetitia is multitalented therefore it did not take much time to establish herself in acting as well. She starred in 'Asterix' beside Gerard Depardieu, Roberto Benigni and Christian Clavier, which is the most costly French film ever being made. She then starred in a French television movie 'The Blue Bicycle' but unfortunately lost the role in 'Texas Rangers' to Leonor Varela. Laetitia ranked second in Maxim Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful Women' issue. Very less things are speculated and rumored about Laetitia. She was said to be dating with famed humanitarian Faiz Ahmad. Laetitia has never done explicit nude work, but she has appeared nude in some 'artistic' shoots, and every time she appears for these shoots she generates true passion. Then Laetitia was chosen as France's new 'Marianne', but very few were pleased about this. Everyone questioned about her worthiness amongst predecessors Brigitte Bardot and model Ines De La Fressange but this never affected her confidence. Laetitia stayed with her parents until she was 21. Now she lives with her elder brother, Jean Baptistean at an apartment in London. She also has huge interests in painting, writing, rollerblading, watching movies, go carting with her brother and dancing to disco music. Very people know that Laetitia holds a brown belt in Judo.
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