Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brooke Hogan skated along South Beach

 Brooke Hogan was determined to get some exercise despite the cold weather outdoors in Miami. Hogan gamely donned a sweater to do some roller blading. Hogan could not resist the urge to show off her shapely legs in a pair of shorts. Hogan skated along South Beach on Saturday, Jan 17. She was rumored to have started work on a new album. After being holed up in the studio for long stretches, Hogan made the best use of her free time doing the exercise she loved - roller blading Braving the "chilly" lower 70 degree weather in Miami, Brooke Hogan was spotted out getting in a little exercise along South Beach on Saturday (January 17). The 20-year-old reality starlet covered up with a jacket and spandex short-shorts as she threw on her rollerblades for a skate along the waterfront.
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Aside from soaking up the sun and reportedly focusing on a new studio album this year, Brooke is also getting used to her mom's 19-year-old boyfriend.
"It is kind of $candalous, I have to admit, and I definitely don't agree with it but she's my mom and I love her," Hogan previously told Tyra Banks of 49-year-old Linda's boyfriend Charlie Hill.
More recently, Brooke's father Hulk Hogan spoke of his possible plans of getting back into wrestling, saying, "I'm not done yet. I'm getting my game back on. I might jump back in there. I got bills to pay. I hear my wife's 19 year-old boyfriend just bought a new boat today… I need to get back to work, man." 

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