Friday, February 24, 2012

Arround The World

 Maldives Photo: Tiny Coral Isle
Photograph by Paolo Curto/Getty Images
Maldives' 1,200 coral islands tempt swimmers, snorkelers, fishermen, and other tourists. For those seeking a private piece of paradise, about 1,000 isles are uninhabited

Kim Il $ung
Photograph by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images
Flowers brighten a memorial to Former President Kim ii $ung, who ruled communist N0rth K0re@ for nearly 50 years before his death in 1994. His son, Kim J0ng Il, now rules the nation.

Norway Photo: Reindeer-Drawn Sleighs
Photograph by George F. Mobley
Reindeer are central to Sami society—though traditional nomadic lifestyles in Norway are nearly a thing of the past.

Oman Photo: Matrah
Photograph by James L. Stanfield
Timeless hills look down upon the glittering lights of modern Matrah. The city fronts the strategic Gulf of Oman —sole entrance from the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean to the oil-rich Persian Gulf .

Philippines Photo: Island Village
Photograph by Paul Chesley/Getty Images
Life revolves around the sea on many of the Philippines ' 7,100-plus islands.

Portugal Photo: Tamega River in Amarante
Photograph by Richard Klune/CORBIS
The placid waters of the Tamega River flow under a Roman-era bridge in the scenic town of Amarante . The church of Sao Goncalo has dominated one end of the bridge for nearly 500 years.

Qatar Photo: Palm Tree Island
Photograph by Hashim/Getty Images
Palm Tree Island is a family friendly getaway reached by a ten-minute boat ride from Doha . The island is lined with beaches, pools, and other water sports facilities.

St. Basil's Cathedral Photograph by Sisse Brimberg
Colorful St. Basil the Blessed is a Russian icon on Moscow 's Red Square . The cathedral commemorates Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible's victories over the Tatar khanates.

Saudi Arabia Photo: M@dain S@lihPhotograph by Reza
The ancient Nabataean city of M@d@in S@lih houses monumental stone tombs and impressive natural formations like Elephant Rock.

Spain Photo: Palma BullfightPhotograph by Bob Krist/CORBIS
A matador gracefully dodges a charging bull during heart-pounding action in Palma 's bullfighting ring.

Switzerland Photo: Swiss VillagePhotograph by James P. Blair
The pastoral beauty of the Swiss Alps invites visitors to explore field and crag at a leisurely pace.

Above the River Valley Photograph by Volkmar K. Wentzel
The green hills of Africa give way to a wide river valley and are a peaceful resting point for traditionally dressed tribespeople.

Thailand Photo: Phuket BeachPhotograph by Jodi Cobb
Distinctive rock formations hide many a cave and cove along the beautiful Thai coast near Phuket.

United Arab Emirates Photo: Dubai
Photograph by Neil Emmerson/Getty Images
Dubayy ( Dubai ) is the chief port of the United Arab Emirates —a federation of seven Arabian Peninsula sheikhdoms. Oil provides a healthy GDP similar to that of prosperous western European nations.

United Kingdom Photo: Routemaster Bus on Westminster Bridge

Photograph by Kieran Doherty/Reuters/CORBIS
Big Ben endures, but the last of the city's legendary Routemaster buses was taken out of regular service in 2005.
United States Photo: Statue of LibertyPhotograph by Kathleen Campbell/Stone/Getty Images
The Statue of Liberty has kept watch over New York Harbor since 1886. Visitor access to the crown's observation windows, however, has been closed since September 11, 2001.

Holy See Photo : Moonrise at St. Peter's Basilica
Photograph by Winfield Parks
The moon climbs slowly past the Michelangelo-designed dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City . The world's smallest independent nation is the spiritual center for the world's one billion Catholics.

S@na'a Skyline Photograph by Glen Allison/Getty Images
The mountain valley city of $@na'a has been occupied for some 2,500 years, and was a major center for the early spread of Isl@m. Many of the Old City 's tower-like buildings are made of rammed earth.

Victoria Fall

Photograph by Chris Johns
Mile-wide Victoria Falls is a breathtaking backdrop for two ultralights in flight. The Z.@.m.b.e.z.i River cataract towers twice as high as Niagara Falls .

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