Saturday, January 31, 2009

Harman Baweja
Looks like another Bollywood sports movie is on its way, so will it be as good as the other ones that has been out? Bollywood has had some awesome sports flicks which means that 'Victory' has a lot to live up to. Can it match the success of , 'Goal' or 'Chak De'? It will be difficult, but we will have to watch and see what happens. Harman Baweja's success is riding on the result of this film. With his major flop, 'Love Story 2050', Harman Baweja has a lot to prove! So what will the film, 'Victory' do for him? Well Harman Baweja plays a cricketer in the movie and he has a nice physique that goes well with his role as a cricketer. However, will his performance make the viewer believe that he is far from an amateur? We can't say that he has had enough opportunities to prove his skills so it seems like this can be the film where he will do it.
By now just about everyone has caught a glimpse of the trailer for 'Victory'. From the trailer it looks interesting. Harman will act alongside some of the major superstars of cricketers. However we can't say the same for the leading lady. Amrita Rao will be his love interest in the film and since we can't include her in the A-list she too will have to prove her skills. Besides, the cast the story is really going to determine the success of this film. So what do you guys think? Will 'Victory' be a great film that will enhance Harman Baweja's career ? Do you think his co-star, Amrita Rao will be able to create the same chemistry that he had with Priyanka Chopra in the film, 'Love Story 2050? They are promoting the movie heatedly so hopefully their hard work will pay off! Check out the exclusive messages that Harman Baweja and Amrita Rao made for Desi Hits! readers below. Be sure to share your thoughts on the film

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